Synopsis of the entire film KNOWING AUTUMN PLUM

Autumn Plum is an eighteen year old girl who is drugged and sexually assaulted after ingesting a laced drink, at a house party. After she is driven to the hospital by her best friend, Megan, Autumn declines help from the police and the hospital – and avoids telling her father, James Plum. She tries to forget the incident, until she recognizes a pizza delivery guy, Griffin Stapleton, who tried to talk to her at the party before she passed out and was assaulted.

Autumn spies on Griffin and decides to seek revenge on her perpetrator. She decides to kidnap Griffin and talks Megan into helping her. They request him to deliver a pizza at Autumn’s house. Megan invites him inside when Autumn knocks him unconscious with an iron and drags him inside her bedroom closet. Autumn’s plan goes awry when she decides to use her father’s gun to coerce the truth from Griffin. However, after a few moments, James enters the room and Autumn accidentally shoots Griffin in the shoulder.

Autumn is sentenced to prison for three years. Yet, during her prison sentence, she becomes heart broken to learn that Megan never wrote or visited her. After being released from prison, James picks her up and then drops her off at a motel for being an embarrassment to him.

Unable to calm down, she walks to a bar where she meets a transient named Lawson Green. Feeling she is just another tease, Lawson follows Autumn to her hotel room and tries to sexually assault her. Yet, with luck in her hand, she stabs him to death and drives away in his van.

Meanwhile, realizing that he might have made a mistake, James drives back to the motel where he dropped off his daughter. He enters the motel room and finds Lawson’s body, when the police show up. He is held and interrogated for a few hours and then released. Autumn visits Megan at college, only to discover that she is dating Griffin – the same person she believed raped her three years ago. Autumn is eventually arrested for violating her parole. Now Megan waits for Autumn after she gets released from prison. They resume their friendship. However, Autumn never stops searching for the person that had raped her at the party.

Autumn Plum Productions consists of Karl Lentini and Randy Maizuss the producers of KNOWING AUTUMN PLUM. Karl and Randy decided to film the kidnapping scene between Autumn, Megan and Griffin to help raise complete financing for the entire feature film. They have created a business plan which is available upon request at :