• Karl Lentini Director-Producer

    Karl graduated from Boston University’s film school, then moved to Los Angeles. He crewed on various projects, learning much from watching directors like Sir Richard Attenborough, Billy Crystal, and David Zucker. Karl currently works as a film projectionist at NT Audio. His short film A BOY AND HIS SOCK, was screened at the Dam Short Film Festival, in Boulder City, Nevada and the Sydney Underground Film Festival, in Sydney, Australia. He wrote, produced, directed, acted in, co-edited, and composed music for CLEAVER’S DESTINY, his feature film debut, which had a limited theatrical run in Los Angeles in 2013. CLEAVER’S DESTINY has garnered nominations from the entertainment industry’s two top organizations in health – The Entertainment Industries Council, in the category of Mental Health for the 2014 Prism Awards, and The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Voice Awards program, which recognizes TV and film professionals who educate the public about behavioral health. Presently, Karl is securing financing for his second film, KNOWING AUTUMN PLUM.

  • Randy MaizussWriter-Producer

    Randy Maizuss graduated with a BA in English, from Sonoma State University, in 1997. During his senior year, in college, he wrote for the college newspaper. After graduation, Randy moved to Los Angeles and wrote for various local neighborhood newspapers until 1999, when he began screenwriting. Randy has written a treatment for a film producer, optioned a screenplay, and won The Honorable Mention Award in the Drama Category, in the Screenplay Festival and became a finalist for the Script-A-Thon. Also, Randy has had an opportunity to pitch a story idea at Red Wagon Entertainment. Randy is in the midst of securing financing for his screenplay, KNOWING AUTUMN PLUM. Recently, Randy just finished his debut novel, The Death of Francis Stevens, which is currently available on Amazon at:

    Death Of Francis Stevens on Amazon.

  • CAST:

  • Isabelle Gardo (AUTUMN)

    Born and raised in North Carolina, Isabelle graduated from UNC Greensboro with a BFA in acting and a minor in dance. Aside from experience in theatre, Isabelle has centrally been focused on acting in film and television after her move to California. Her most recent TV appearance was on DEADLY SINS, on the Investigative Discovery Channel. She can also be seen in the independent films such as MALEVOLENT and ONLY SIGHING, as well her recurring role as Abby Lamb, on the episodic series, COURAGE, NEW HAMPSHIRE.

  • Kelly Frances Hager(MEGAN)

    Born in Smyrna Georgia, the Atlanta native studied Film Theory and Acting at Georgia State University and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of the Arts. After graduation, Kelly moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles and began working on film producing and writing. The award winning actor also has attached herself to upcoming projects in 2013 where she will continue pursuing her dream.

  • Nolan Crabtree(GRIFFIN)

    Nolan Crabtree has only just begun his acting career. After being cast as a Wickersham Brother in his first musical, SUESSICAL, and hearing the thundering applause at the end of opening night, he decided to pursue his dreams, and began starring in many plays in high school, including THE ODD COUPLE, THE NOISE IS OFF, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, and many more. Nolan says, “Acting is an escape for me. Relating to those characters and performing them to the audience is the biggest joy.”